Improve Your Smiles

At Carman Family Dentistry, we want to make sure you and your family have beautiful smiles to show off everyday.  We encourage our clients to share family vacation photos to our Facebook page with the hashtag #CarmanFamilySmiles.

Healthy Teeth Are The First Step

The first step to a beautiful smile is of course healthy teeth. Our skilled staff are able to treat any kind of issues, from small cavities to a full root canal. Our professional cleanings are a comfortable way to get the deepest clean possible. We can schedule your entire family to come in at the same time for any appointment to minimize disturbance to your life. Every guest at our office is provided a free toothbrush and toothpaste to take home to continue cleaning – all in the name of those beautiful smiles!

Lumineers (Veneers)

Do your teeth have unsightly cracks, chips, or gaps? A Lumineer can fix those! Lumineers are essentially a cover that goes over your tooth. These can address a number of cosmetic issues. Lumineers are a specific brand of veneer that are made of  high quality, long lasting material. They are easier to install than veneers, resulting in a faster, more comfortable installation.

a photo before/after comparison of how lumineers can improve your smile!

Orthodontics for Crooked Teeth

Demo of an invisalign tray going into teeth If you have teeth (or even a single tooth) that looks a little out of place, we can easily remedy that with a pain free product known as InvisAlign. We’ll custom fit you for a nearly invisible tray that you place on your teeth before going to bed.  In the morning, simply remove it and rinse it off.

Let’s get started!

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